Monday, March 5, 2012

My lastest bronze sculpture

a small figurine in bronze.

H140mm * W130mm * L150mm
H5.5in *  W5in * L6in

Date of execution: February 2012
Original edition of 20
This piece represents a young woman modelled in a burlesque pose reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style. Its elegant and seductive  aspect would fit perfectly in a  traditional interior but would also bring a touch of classicism in a contemporary decor.

Here is my model Dee. She did not have to stay like this for any lenght of time. I just took some pictures of her pose and used these images as reference in the studio. 

The original being worked on in my studio.

I love modelling in wax. This is a fantastic sculpting medium. Cheap, easy and very versatile. It reflects the light beautifully. It has many advantages over alternatives such as clay, Plastiline and other modelling compounds. At room tempearture it can be carved or filed like wood, cold it can be machined like plastic or stone, at your body temperature it can be modelled like clay, It can molten and painted on, parts can be welded together and broken off again. Unlike clay it does not dry, you can just leave it anywhere, at any stage and pick it up later, even much later exactely as you left it. Another big advantage is that it sustains it own weight. There is no need to construct an armature. And of course it can be cast into a mold to make copies of a part you want to replicate...

I think I'll write a wax working manual to show interested parties a few pointers. Not enough people are sculpting in wax.

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